Meet the Chef

Our Executive Chef

Mr. Parthomrat Rakkanam, who goes by the name Chef Pai, boasts a remarkable 15-year tenure as an Executive Chef. His culinary journey commenced at Uniworld College in Sydney, Australia, where he honed his cooking skills. After graduation, Chef Pai seized the opportunity to pursue a career in the culinary arts. His professional path has taken him to diverse locations, including Newcastle, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast, before eventually returning to his homeland, Thailand. Chef Pai has had the privilege of working in esteemed establishments, with eight years spent at Centara Hotels and additional experience at Hilton, Anantara, Marriott, and Dusit D2 hotels. This wealth of experience has honed Chef Pai's culinary expertise to a remarkable degree.


Moreover, Chef Pai has showcased his culinary prowess in various competitions, such as the Food & Hoteliers Expo 2013 and the Pattaya Culinary Cup 2013. As for his preferred dishes, Chef Pai has a penchant for Italian cuisine, a variety of seafood delicacies, as well as meat and fish preparations. His culinary skills in the kitchen are undeniably impressive.

Our Dining Experience

Elementi Rooftop Restaurant

Whether you're seeking a relaxed evening with friends, commemorating an anniversary, or indulging in an elegant date night, few experiences rival savoring a perfectly cooked, high-grade steak, accompanied by exquisite Premium Italian cuisine and complemented by fine wine, all while taking in a breathtaking view.

Elementi Rooftop Bar

Elementi rooftop bar promises to be the ultimate destination for sophisticated socializing and breathtaking views for unwinding your long day or any occasions.

The Brasserie Global Dining

The Brasserie Global Dining, we serve diverse menu that represents the culinary traditions from different corners of the globe.

CU Lounge

At CU Lounge, a refined and inviting space located in the lobby, we offer a well-stocked bar that offers a wide selection of beverages, whether Tea or coffee, or cocktail and soft drink. Including all-day international a-la-carte serve at Lobby area of the Hotel.