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Meet our chef

Thawatchai Emklang (Known as 'Chef Tui')

Chef Tui's creations tantalize taste buds and inspire fellow chefs worldwide. Join us in applauding his passion, innovation, and dedication to the gastronomic world!

Embarking on a path that led him through various culinary landscapes, Chef Tui ventured into the realm of gastronomy within the enchanting locales of Korat (Nakhon Ratchasima) and Pattaya. It was here that he started shaping his identity as a culinary artist, gradually carving his niche within the realm of exquisite flavors and artistic presentations. Today, his culinary voyage has led him to an integral role within the esteemed team at Holiday Inn & Suites Rayong.

 Although Chef Tui may be a man of few words, his culinary creations speak volumes. One area where his expertise truly shines is in the realm of pasta artistry. His adeptness at crafting sublime pasta dishes stands as a testament to his dedication and skill. Chef Tui's meticulous approach and dedication to excellence are evident in every plate that emerges from his domain. A serious demeanor envelops him while at work, a reflection of his unwavering commitment to his craft and his unrelenting pursuit of culinary perfection.

Guided by a profound culinary philosophy, Chef Tui believes that cooking transcends mere rules and boundaries. For him, it is an art form that springs forth from the realms of imagination and creativity. This philosophy finds its expression in his culinary creations, where unexpected symphonies of flavors unite, resulting in harmonious and flawless dishes that tantalize the senses. In the world of culinary artistry, Chef Tui's expertise in crafting pasta dishes stands as a testament to his commitment, skill, and unwavering passion for creating unforgettable dining experiences.

The Brasserie Global Dining, we serve diverse menu that represents the culinary traditions from different corners of the globe. From Asian delicacies to to European classics, there is something to please every palate. We also offer weekly and weekend buffet base on season. The restaurant's talented chefs skilfully craft each dish using authentic ingredients, ensuring a truly immersive dining experience. Kids can enjoy kids room with toys and Entertainment while eating with special discount with us.